The Security Council is one of the six main organs established by the UN Charter. It's primary responsibility is maintaining international peace and security.

All members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council. While other organs of the United Nations make recommendations to member states, only the Security Council has the power to make decisions that member nations are then obligated to implement under the Charter. It only has 15 members, including the P5 nations. For more information, go to:


TOPIC 1: The use of chemical weapons in Middle East conflicts.

TOPIC 2: Protection of civilians during armed conflicts.

Luis Alberola Tasso

Luis Alberola Tasso is a second year student of the Double Degree on International Relations and Law at the University of Navarre. He was born in Barcelona, Spain, and has lived in Pamplona ever since he started University. Other than MUN, he is also an enthusiast of other leisure activities, such as history, politics, cooking, football and contact sports. With around 5 years of experience and 12 MUN conferences in his resume, Luis has assisted to several international conferences, including, PorgMUN, BCNMUN, OberMUN, UNMUN and BIMUN twice. Having chaired two international conferences and a single local one,  his MUN will account as his fourth time chairing. He is eager to assume the role as Chair of Security Council at this year’s BIMUN ESADE edition and hopes to have a fantastic time at BIMUN ESADE 2021.

Carlota Herrera

Carlota Herrera is a current student in the European International School of Barcelona studying first of Baccalaureat. She was born in Barcelona and has lived there ever since. However, she has travelled, made some international exchanges and frequented summer camps in the United Kingdom where she developed her passion for politics and debate. Enthusiastic polyglot, she has attended several MUN Conferences and she looks forward to serving as a Chair of the General Assembly and seeing how these issues will be discussed on the international level.