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guide to delegate preparation

Like any activity or sport, model UN takes practice and skill. We hope that you will have the opportunity to improve your model UN skills both before and during your attendance at BIMUN ESADE. If this is your first conference, don't worry! Many of our delegates are first-timers to model UN and this webpage, as well as the background guide,  are your first resources to build the skills necessary to prepare and debate effectively. During the conference, you will have the opportunity to take part in the delegate training session. During debate time, you'll be granted help by your committee director, who is trained to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to ask any of the officials or Secretariat members about any questions about the procedure, your topic area, or about BIMUN ESADE. Committee director e-mails will be listed on the committee's page as the conference approaches.

guide to preparation Centre

The Preparation Centre is a series of documents and videos carefully crafted by the BIMUN ESADE Executive Team. These are meant to be used as preparation and reference materials for delegates. More specifically, it consists of three documents — the Preparation Kit for Delegates, the Procedure Booklet and the Information Booklet — and five videos — Introduction to MUN, Introduction to BIMUN ESADE, and three videos on the BIMUN ESADE Rules of Procedure.

This is meant for both individual delegates who want to learn about MUN and how to best prepare for the conference and schools looking to prepare their students and use these resources in class. Even if you are not a newcomer, the contents of the Preparation Centre can provide helpful information on the procedure and other aspects specific to the conference.

Preparation kit

Preparation DOCUMENTS

Here below you will find the Preparation Kit for Delegates. In this document there is a Preparation Timeline, Country & Topic Checklist, How to write Policy Statement & Resolution, Formal Language Guide and Conference Do's and Don't's​. 

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Preparation VIDEOS

Below is the first video of the BIMUN ESADE How To series. Throughout this series we'll go over the basics of MUN and give you insight on the inner workings of BIMUN and the procedure it follows. 

You'll become a BIMUN ESADE Pro in no time!

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