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BIMUN proudly advocates the following 5 values:

Deliver the best delegate experience

BIMUN ESADE is a participant-oriented conference. All of our actions and thoughts are guided by the premise of creating an unforgettable experience for participants, the true protagonists of BIMUN ESADE.


Debate ideas and respect

Exchanging and discussing meaningful ideas is crucial for an enriching experience. In order to meet this, every participant and every idea must be treated with respect and must be listened. Creating a safe environment for every participant is one of BIMUN ESADE’s main goals.

Take ownership

BIMUN ESADE is a conference by young students and for young students. This soul of youth and independence always accompanies BIMUN ESADE and aims to create a horizontal, pro-active and approachable-to-the-team environment for participants.

Challenge, learn and innovate

BIMUN ESADE always tries to find new and multiple means of innovation to improve the  delegate´s experience. As such, we encourage all participants to pick up this spirit and challenge themselves in order to learn as much as possible from the conference. Thinking out of the box is key.

Co-create a better society

The ultimate objective at BIMUN ESADE is to help creating a better world by creating bonds within different individuals and thinking collectively innovative solutions to urgent problems. This creative task is to be carried out by every participant and organizer of the conference, as it is a common project.


Do you want to know more about BIMUN ESADE? Find what we do, how we do it and, more importantly, why we do it by clicking below.

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