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conference policies

A complete Conference Policies Form will be provided to all participants once registration is complete. In case the delegate is under 18 years of age, the form shall be signed by both the participant and their legal tutor, accepting the Terms and Conditions of BIMUN ESADE. General protocols and guidelines are stated below and available to all. 

country assignment policies

We take into account several factors when assigning countries and distributing committee allocations. 





Model UN Experience: Some MUN committees, such as the Security Council, call for experienced delegates to maintain the necessary level of debate. P5 nations, including Russia, USA, China, France and the UK, are delegations that are expected to be actively participative in all debates by continuously raising points of information, giving out speeches, and submitting brilliant clauses and amendments.

Time of Registration: We prioritize schools and individuals who have applied inside the Regular Registration deadline. On the contrary, if you have applied through Late Registration, your preferences may not be met. 

Number of spots requested (Schools): Schools may get up to 3 different delegations, depending on the spots they hold.  A country must first be represented in every committee (excluding the Security Council) for another nation to be assigned. 

Country and Committee preferences: Available in the application form, individuals and schools may provide us with their preferences. However, this is no guarantee, but helpful input we will undoubtedly take into account.

codes of conduct

  • Consumption or possession of any illegal substance will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If any delegate is found in possession of such, that delegate will be asked to leave the conference immediately. BIMUN staff reserves the right to exclude their future participation. Cigarette smoking is not permitted during conference hours.

  • All delegates are expected to be present at committee meetings and must stay in committee meetings for the established duration unless the Chairpersons or Secretariat are notified ahead of time. This policy will be enforced by roll-call attendance taken at the beginning of each session.

  • All delegates must adhere to the dress code presented below. 

  • Delegates must wear the ID badges provided by the staff at all conference hours during BIMUN ESADE.

  • Faculty Advisors are encouraged to visit committee sessions. Please note that Faculty Advisors are responsible for their students’ behavior. Faculty advisors might not be allowed in committee sessions during voting procedure or in case if the Chairpersons decide against it. 

  • The official language at BIMUN is English. During the sessions, the delegates are expected to exercise diplomatic courtesy when addressing fellow participants. Delegates are expected to address other delegates in third person during Debate Sessions. The use of slang or informal terms will not be entertained.

  • Delegates are expected to be respectful to other cultures, persons, ideologies, and religions at all times.

  • The use of cellphones is not permitted during Debate Sessions. Exceptionally, a delegate may step outside to use their cellphone. Tablets and laptops may be used exclusively for committee-related work. The use of tablets and laptops for other purposes is strongly prohibited and will be penalized.

  • Plagiarism of any clause, resolution or speech is prohibited in BIMUN. Violation of this policy will result in expulsion for the remainder of the debate session. 

dress code

In order to ensure an environment conducive to the goals of the conference, all delegates must adhere to an appropriate and respectful dress code. Formal attire is required of all participants while committees are in session. The BIMUN staff reserves the right, at their discretion, to request that delegates violating the dress code change their clothes.

After conference hours formal attire is unnecessary. Notwithstanding, delegates are expected to adhere to a smart choice of attire during the Social Event.

bimun esade cancellation and refund policy

By registering for BIMUN ESADE, you agree to the following cancellation terms and conditions. By submitting a registration for BIMUN ESADE, you are confirming your attendance. As soon as you register, the executive team starts making hotel reservations, room bookings and ordering all conference materials such as placards, or delegates’ Welcome packs. That is why the amount of money that can be refunded diminishes as we approach the conference date. Refunds will be made as follows unless otherwise authorised in writing:

clause on personal belongings and lost objects

The BIMUN Association, in collaboration with ESADE Ramon Llull University, is pleased to welcome attendees to our annual conference held in Barcelona and Sant Cugat. As the conference utilizes multiple venues, including but not limited to the ESADE campus, Hotel El Sant Cugat, and Hotel Venture, it is important for all participants to be aware of the following policy regarding personal belongings:


  • Responsibility for Personal Belongings: Each participant is solely responsible for their personal belongings during the conference. The BIMUN Association and ESADE Ramon Llull University, along with their partners, affiliates, and venue providers, shall not be held liable for the loss, theft, or damage of any personal items, regardless of whether such loss occurs within the premises of the ESADE campus, Hotel El Sant Cugat, Hotel Venture, or any other conference-associated venues.


  • Lost and Found: A Lost and Found facility will be available during the conference. Found items will be collected and can be reclaimed by their owners upon adequate proof of ownership. Please note that while we offer this service for the convenience of our attendees, the presence of a Lost and Found does not constitute an assumption of responsibility by the BIMUN Association, ESADE Ramon Llull University, or the conference venues for lost items.


  • Recommendation: Participants are strongly advised to keep personal belongings secure and carry valuable items with them at all times or leave them in a secure location. We encourage all attendees to label their items with their contact information to facilitate recovery in case of loss.


By participating in the conference, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this clause regarding your personal belongings.

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