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application for online conference
schools & universities

*Due to the on going COVID 19 situation we have decided to opt for a hybrid version, giving the opportunity to those who can attend to do so in person and for those who can not to do it virtually.

Before applying, please note that the permitted age gap for delegates is constricted between 15 and 22 years.

1. Fill in the application form you will find below. 

2. You will receive an email within two weeks, in which we will confirm your attendance and provide payment details.

3. Once the payment has been made, we will provide you with the delegation and committees assigned to your school and a "Student Form" that must be completed and sent, in which the school specifies participants' information and allocation (It is responsibility of the school to assign their students to a delegation and committee, taking into consideration the list provided by BIMUN). 

4. Enjoy the research reports, which will be posted on this website on March 1st 2021.

Online Conference

as a School or University

From January 31st (Late registration) the price will increase by 10€
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