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The spread of COVID-19 is causing disruption worldwide, forcing conference cancellations and leaving participants disregarded, making it almost impossible to enrol in an MUN conference. In response, the BIMUN ESADE executive team has made the decision to offer a hybrid conference model, which aims to open up a new conference paradigm that will give us all a chance to keep up both the nature of the conference and the enriching and striking experience MUN provides.


The committees and organisation of the conference remains intact, we will still be hosting all seven committees mentioned in our original invitation letter: UNESCO, ECOSOC, UNHRC, UNODC, UNWOMEN, WHO, and the SC.


The new participation fee for the online conference will be of 45€ for Regular Registration (before January 31st 2021) and an additional 10€ for late registration. We strive to maintain many of the most beloved events of BIMUN such as the teambuilding and the intricacies of committee work among many others. We strive to allow all participants to partake in a high-quality, professional conference, regardless of from where they join us.

In the same vein, the in-person conference will remain the same as it has been in previous editions of the conference in compliance with the BIMUN ESADE 2021 COVID-19 Protocol.

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