ECOSOC is the acronym of Economic and Social Council, one of the six main organs established by the UN Charter in 1946. It is the United Nations' central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development in economic, social and environmental fields. Moreover, ECOSOC coordinates the work of the UN and the specialised Agencies. For more information, click this link:


TOPIC 1:  Preventing the funding of terrorist organizations in order to prevent the jeopardization of international peace and stability.


TOPIC 2: Ensuring an economically sustainable transition into a non-dependent model on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy.


Xocas Álvarez Jorge

Xocas Álvarez Jorge is currently a Junior at the Benjamin Franklin International School, being half American, half Galician, he is currently in his fourth year of living in Barcelona. Before coming to Spain, Xocas lived in New York City, where his passion for politics and MUN began. In addition to MUN, Xocas also enjoys other activities such as Judo, Piano, Sailing, and hanging out with friends. Having attended MUN's in New York City, Berlin, and The Hague, Xocas is looking forward to chairing in ECOSOC and hopes for an amazing and productive time at BIMUN 2021.

Daniela Dussan

Daniela Dussan is currently in her first year of Baccalaureate at the European International School of Barcelona. Half Colombian and half Canadian, she was born in Toronto, before moving to London and finally arriving here in Barcelona. Her passion for social justice and politics is what led her to begin her MUN journey three years ago, and she is now excited to see how the next chapter of this experience unfolds by participating as a chair in the ECOSOC committee of BIMUN 2021.