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BIMUN was born with the aim of co-creating a better society. To achieve this goal, we must act sustainable. As a conference that brings together hundreds of empowered individuals from all over the globe, we want to lead by example.


We understand sustainability as a core value of our organization. We are facing many complex social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges which can only be tackled with a fierce commitment to protecting our planet and its people in an ambitious and innovative way. Despite not being a big organization, there are many actions we can take in order to celebrate a conference which is respectful of its community and the planet.

Our commitment with sustainability is divided into two pillars: planet and community. Learn more below about the initiatives we have taken and plan to take in the future for each pillar in order to materialize our vision.






When possible, consider coming to Barcelona by train. Connections with other regions of Spain, France and Portugal are numerous and fast. Your CO 2 emissions will be drastically lower – and you can enjoy beautiful landscapes on your way!

You will receive your BIMUN bottles upon your arrival. Please consider using them instead of purchasing one-use plastic bottles!

Our lunches include healthy and plant-based options. Consider trying them! A study by Oxford University concluded that you could reduce your individual carbon footprint on a 73% just by switching to a plant-based diet.

Respect everyone! Even though you are representing a country and its views during debate time, outside debate time we encourage you to engage with your colleagues, make new friends and treat everyone with respect, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or age.


Do you want to know more about BIMUN ESADE? Find what we do, how we do it and, more importantly, why we do it by clicking below.

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