The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. For further information, go to: https://www.who.int/


Topic 1: 

Dealing with the issue of universal coverage and access to healthcare

Topic 2: 

Disease control in humanitarian emergencies

Anastasia Larionova

Anastasia Larionova is a sophomore at the American School of Barcelona. Originating from Russia, residing in Spain, and surrounded by international cultures, she is grateful for the opportunity to evaluate multiple perspectives on different topics and formulate informed personal opinions. Anastasia has been involved in Model United Nations since middle school with having attended all types of conferences including some of the most prestigious ones the world. In addition, she has some experience chairing the NATO committee at BCNMUN 2019. Her passion for debate, economics, public relations, law, and philosophy is the driving force behind her daily actions. Seeing as it is a tradition for Anastasia to win the “most likely to become a dictator..” superlative award she plans to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) in university. It is beyond doubt that she has immersed herself into the world of politics and is reading the news on a daily basis. However, she doesn't approve of political jokes...she has seen too many of them get elected. She hopes you come to understand her sense of humor as one of her dearest hobbies is comedy. Anastasia can’t wait to have a MUNificent debate regarding worth health policies and hopes that all Member States can come to a consensus.

Marc Acosta

Marc Acosta is currently in his first year of Medical School at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and this year will serve as the chair of the World Health Organisation. Born and raised in Barcelona, Marc has been educated within a multicultural environment which has lead him to being extremely passionate about debating and MUN.
Four years ago, when he was given the chance to participate in the EISB MUN group, he started this incredible journey. Since then he has taken part in 13 MUN conferences both nationally and internationally, including being part of last year’s BIMUN executive team as the Director of Debate.
Other than MUN, Marc loves reading, listening to music, hanging out with his friends and everything related with medicine, his foremost passion and his pursued professional path.
Expecting a high level of debate and active participation of all delegations, he looks forward to serving as the chair of the World Health Organization and can’t wait to meet you all at BIMUN ESADE 2020.