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Before applying, please note that the permitted age gap for officers is constricted between 16 and 22 years.

1. Fill in the APPLICATION FORM for chairs. 

2.  You will receive an e-mail confirming your candidature in a maximum of 2 weeks, where you will also find the interview form attached.

3. Once a suitable date is arranged, the interview will be conducted by the Organizing Team. 

4. Once your participation has been accepted (around December 2023), payment of the fee must be made to the bank account specified in the email in a maximum of 30 days. Once the payment is received, the BIMUN ESADE Organizing Team will contact you with a confirmation email and details of the conference. 


4. Not receiving the payment or/and any kind of information in the aforementioned period of 30 days will mean your application will be cancelled. 

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